PP Half Pint Glasses (10oz)

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  • Elevate Events with Bulk 10oz Glasses
  • Premium 10oz Plastic Glasses
  • Effortless Hosting with Plastic Glasses
  • Bulk Pack for Large, Eco-Friendly Events
  • The Ultimate Party Pack: 1000 Pint Glasses
  • Superior Convenience with Plastic Pint Glasses
  • Sustainable Hosting with Recyclable Pint Glasses
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Unveil the ultimate party accessory with our Bulk Pack of 1000 Premium 10oz Plastic Pint Glasses. Designed to impress, these glasses will take your large events to new heights of sophistication. Their gleaming finish will catch the eye, while their ideal size holds the perfect pour for any beverage. Your guests will be thrilled, and the compliments will keep flowing – just like the drinks!

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleanup post a grand event. Our plastic pint glasses offer a level of convenience that glassware can’t compete with. Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to dispose of, these glasses simplify hosting. Cater to a large crowd effortlessly with our bulk pack of 1000 glasses, knowing that your event will run smoothly from start to finish.

With our plastic pint glass, you’re not just choosing convenience – you’re choosing to care for the environment. These glasses are recyclable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. When you choose our bulk pack, you’re making a responsible choice that reflects your commitment to our planet.



Premium Plastic


10 ounces


Bulk pack of 1000



Suitable for

Large indoor and outdoor events

Ideal for

All types of cold beverages