Medium Bagasse Box

  • Size: 9 inch
  • Eco-Friendly Food Boxes
  • Dimension: 9″ x 6″ x 3″ inches
  • Material: Bagasse (recycled sugarcane)
  • Completely compostable
  • Versatile and Practical
  • Premium Quality Cut Proof
  • Freezable and microwaveable
  • Eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene food boxes
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1. Our 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly to-go containers are made from bagasse; the fiber that’s left after sugar cane has been pulped and the juice extracted. It’s a safe and non-toxic alternative to plastic food containers

2. Ask Packaging’s bagasse takeaway food boxes to be freezer and microwave-safe. Whether you want to heat up the leftovers from your barbecue or picnic or just use it as a convenient disposable plate, these clamshell boxes won’t tear, crack or disintegrate when heated or frozen

3. Nothing’s worse than a soggy-bottomed polystyrene food container when you’re trying to enjoy your food. Our super sturdy, cut, and grease-resistant burger boxes are perfect for hot foods and even liquids so you can be confident your meal won’t end up on your lap

4. Ideal for events such as barbecues, street parties, and festivals, or for guests to take away leftovers after a birthday or wedding party.  Lightweight and portable, Ask Packaging’s bagasse clamshell food containers are perfect for keeping your food intact when you’re on the move

5. Clearing up after an event is always the part no one looks forward to but with these disposable burger boxes you can just drop them in the recycling bin or even add them to your compost pile. Save the planet and your time.

6. Perfect for keeping food warm. Microwaveable and suitable for freezing, being able to withstand temperatures of 20°C to + 220°C. Sturdy and can be transported well, ideal for eating on the go. Water repellent and greaseproof. Never worry about sauces leaking through.

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9 inch


Bagasse / 100% Sugarcane FIber







Microwave Safe


Freezer Safe


Food Safe

100% Yes


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