Bio Street Food Container (1000ml)

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Indulge in your favorite street food while caring for Mother Earth with our 1000ml Bio Street Food Container. Crafted from 100% bagasse, these eco-friendly containers are the embodiment of sustainability, offering a guilt-free solution to disposable food packaging. With each purchase, you’re not just enjoying your meal, you’re also saying a firm ‘No’ to unnecessary waste.

Our 1000ml Bio Street Food Container is designed to accommodate a variety of meals, from a hearty pasta dish to a sumptuous salad. With a generous 1000ml capacity, there’s ample space for your food without any compromise on freshness. The sturdy bagasse material ensures your meal stays secure, while also being lightweight enough for your daily travels.

These containers are more than just a practical solution – they’re a statement. The natural, earthy aesthetic of the bagasse material is visually pleasing and speaks volumes about your commitment to environmental sustainability. Turn heads not just with the delicious food you carry, but with your stylish and eco-friendly 1000ml Bio Street Food Container.

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100% Bagasse




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Natural, Earthy Aesthetic

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Sustainable and Biodegradable


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